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(Negro History Week, Black History Month)

(And Year Round Awareness)


Another Black History Month has come

And gone With a pseudo-focused apology

On 400 years of slavery—but gracefully

Continuing to ignore things like 700 years

Of Moorish democratic rule in Euro-Spain

And how Early African explorers had traveled

And settled in various parts of ancient Asia

Europe, and other places— Like Mexico—

Long before the coming of American slavery!


It’s ironic that as we have gone from

Celebrating  Negro History Week To presently

Celebrating Black History Month with focus

On slavery, abolition, emancipation, civil rights,

Snail-paced growth in education, Voting rights,

Employment, and election to high political office,

There is yet the sneaking implication that leads us

And our children thinking that our Black lives here

Had their creative  beginnings with slavery in America:-


While praises must forever be due to the tenacity

Of those here Who paved the way during slavery

And thereafter, we must make it abundantly clear

To the present and oncoming generations, that our

Beginning did not begin here in this stolen land that

God had already given to an anchored people of color.


While it is evident that the beginning of women and

Men on this planet had origins on the African continent,

The illusion is yet taught that human origin and civilization

Was probably more of a Mesopotamian-European cocooning;


But let us not despair; the crushed and buried

Truth in this dirt of his-story will not be denied

Her assured Resurrection!  No, we must teach

Our children that their treasured—mattering—

 Worldly origin and the growth of our great being

Did not begin with American slavery; rather,  God’s

Edenic creation for all humanity was and remains

The blessed gardening of the womb of Africa!


Indeed, there is much throughout the year that

We must tell our children of our glorious origin

And the conquering sojourning of our evolution

On Earth—created in God’s peace and love—

Now gone astray in the Clorox-like human-hate

Phasing of a racist pigmentation ideology;


We must make our children aware of the great

Ancient African civilizations and their Kingdoms

And Empires that existed long before the blank

Caving of primitive others who stole our African

Greatness to be claimed as Greco-Roman genius;

All of which today—though still veiled—remains

That well-known crime of the white man’s burden.


We must make the children aware that it was in

The North, South, East, and West, of the African

Continent where Black Africans became the first

Of agricultural, hunter-gatherer Humans to evolve

Into settlers of extended family-like societies where

The earliest technology took root and led to African

Ancestors being the forerunners of the growth and

Development of civilization! 


For our children, we must dispel the evil untruths

In his story’s racist archeologists, racist cartoonists,

Racist writers like Victor Hugo—who audaciously

Insinuated Europe as the “ultimate civilization” while


Deeming Africa, “utter barbarism”—and the racist

Poetic penning of Rudyard Kipling’s poem which was

Mendaciously titled, “The White Man’s Burden”—

Insinuating it to be the white man’s supreme moral

Duty to conquer and enslave the people of Africa!


We must make our children and their children

Aware that their treasured ancestors were not

Illiterate savages living in straw and mud huts

With only Stone Age technology; rather they

Must know that our earliest ancient ancestors

Were intelligent people of Africa who in ancient

Times developed agricultural skills, technology

To fashion iron tools and weapons, minted coins,

And built great cities and colossal monuments;

Many of which remain great wonders of the world.


Indeed, we, today’s penning griots—repositories

Of ourstory—must assure for coming generations

That the echoing sounds of Nok, Djenne, Bantu,

Aksum, Timbuktu, Kuba, Swahili, Kush, Ghana, Mali,

Songhai and Meroe become igniters of storytelling

Cherished keloid memories of Outstory’s beginnings!


Indeed, fellow griots of today, we must assure

That coming generations of Black Americans

Will always be aware that our history—ourstory—

Has its beginning with the glorious history of Africa;

Not with American slavery and that they are well

Aware that their ancestors—aborted from the womb

Of Africa—were not randomly chosen but explicitly

Chosen from African regions where Blacks had attained

Great ingenuity in agriculture, animal training, masonry,

Metallurgy, architecture, and various other technical

Skills in building civilized nations and empires!


Indeed, enslavement was a well-investigated

Thought-out plan for the white man’s burden

Of Europe and her bastard prodigal child,

America—in their not going quietly into

The night—in establishing colonialism and

The strange institution of slavery; and we’re

Well aware of the past and post neo-his/story

And the ramifications of the manifest destinies—


But the God of the oppressed has always

Reconciled the living truth!  So let us in our

Own reconciliation, forever remember whose

And who we were before being aborted from

Our homeland and packed down Like sardines

In the belly bowels of Middle Passage ships;


Thus, in coming celebrations of ourstory here,

Let us begin at the beginning: (A) review Middle

Passage Slavery interruption; (B)  highlight how far

We have come, and then turn our attention

Towards (C), solving our Black-on-Black crimes;

And calling the brothers and sisters together to get

Us back to being the great builders of liberated

Self-sustaining faithful Black family communities.

Let us be molders of new mattering Black lives—

Living the reality of God’s peace and love!


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mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. Thanks. Peace and Love.

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