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Proud to be your brother



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My brothers...
Are more than best friends
Through the thick and the thin
We shared blessings and sins
Still communicate like we're twins
By God's grace and their moral support
I avoided jail, drugs, and thugs, I've never even been to court!
We all covered each other's paper routes
At dinnertime, Johnny ate my sauerkraut
So I'd eat his share of the pork 'n beans
Justin really hated them, so we'd share his plate of greens
We had each other's backs 
Whenever disease, dogs, or thugs attacked   
They both inspired me through ups and downs                                       I hope that they hear my well wishes and prayers, even though we live in different towns
Johnny is an incredible artist, never a stranger he meets
As a teen he had the respect of the streets
And the admiration of the geeks
Justin is the personification of the pursuit of knowledge
Three years my junior, yet he inspired me to go to college!
I love these dudes more than words can ever show 'em
I'm proud to be your brother, so that's the name of this poem.

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love_supreme says:

I liked this one. Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

Beautiful flow of the onederful oneness and onement of loving Brotherhood! Love this tribute. ONE. Peace and Love

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