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Insomnia welcomed courtesy high test coffee


just different

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consumed later at night than usual
finds me bright eyed and bushy tailed
amply lively to learn
about an American radio
and television personality and pioneer
Wee Willy Weber,
who prominently and popularly reigned
across air waves and small screen
kept in the living/family room
then an obscure square box

frequently exhibiting local entertainers
second half of twentieth century

I chanced to Google and revisit
his popularity night time hours
of temperate March first
two thousand twenty four,
reckoning, jump/kick starting,
and forcing me to confront
a deluge of issues ricocheting
within sixty plus shades of gray matter

(such as association with females -
such as you my dear
despite being a young looking
sixty five year old beatle browed,
fool on the hill, paperback
writer wannabe day tripper),
whose prized (at least by me) encephalon
approximating roughly the size
of two clenched fists,
and weighing about 1.5 kilograms,

rattles and hums abuzz
with the sound of silence,
yet fires off thoughts about
how the webbed wide world
circa MMXXIV based upon

the Gregorian Calendar,

a scary place indeed,
which helter skelter violence
finds me fantasizing escaping
into an enchanted edenic
Octopus garden in the shade,

where camaraderie prevails
among variegated creeds,
gender orientation, nationalities,
religions, et cetera
and conflict resolution
predicated upon a win/win
paradigm allowing, enabling,
and promoting community
among habitats for humanity,
hence collective bargaining.

Vox Populi

which translation means
literally means "voice of the people."

The leaders of tomorrow
bravely take to the dais
justified their precious life,
liberty and pursuit of happiness -
stolen under their figurative nose
asper an unparalleled heist
recouping quintessential
basic human rights,
and will NOT yield an inch
(or any other minuscule amount),

if for no other reason
(and many more valid claims prevail)
such inalienable American birthrights
(codified decrees endowing freedoms -
tattered to shreds via frenzy of bullets)
guaranteeing harm inviolable
unjustly out priced
sacrificed by lax
second amendment spiced
within epidemic of wanton

murderous sprees wherein assassin
literally calls the shots supplanting
assigned storied halls with din
of firearms acquired
from pennies on the dollar,
or bartered for a bottle of gin
within the underbelly
(viz black market)
of society, where
pistol packing trigger happy jinn nee

as slaughterhouse blood soaked,
sans killing fields mount
with resignation vis a vis
discovering masterly carded misfit

to collective shrugging shoulders prithee
giving Atlas a run for his money
and upend safe havens
i.e. storied academic re
deuce sing self preservation (UNFAIRLY)
to activist minded students

treat each day as a survivalist course,
thus WE as coined on legal tender
(E Pluribus Unum)
MUST unite against
love affair with pistols, no matter
one or more mere mortals
think Matthew Scott cray ZEE
up in arms spouting
poetic license against
proliferation of firearms.


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