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I never meant to love you



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I never meant to love you...

   Even tho i knew your conversation was Gas..

  Even though I'd felt, your d!¤k sit me on my ass..

Man that d!¤k was powerful too...

Still, i never meant to love you...

Even though i craved to meet your mama.

(And did)

Even once I craved to have your daughter.. (

And is)

Even when you opened up and pulled me to you...

(Once or twice)

Even when you opened your heart about some of the things inside...

(You rolled the dice)

I never meant to love you.

When you opened your heart and let me look around some...

I knew without a doubt , i could share my love..

So i did.Caution to the wind.

Heart wide open...I stood. Welcoming you in...

For 5 years you stood watch at the door..

Im getting discouraged, wondering what are you waiting for...?

You walked away..

I cried for days...

Then it hit me, you know as well as i do....

  i never meant to love you;

and you never meant to love me too...

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mlowe5 says:

Deep awareness of keloid memories of unsecured decisions. ONE. Peace and Love.

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