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Acid reflux ~ very early morning March 3rd, 2024


just different

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Ah... nothing more enjoyable

than acidic gastric fluid (bile)

flowing backward into esophagus,

resulting in heartburn, meanwhile

disrupting pleasant dreams,
which phenomena also known as

gastroesophageal reflux (GER)
found me discombobulated
and swiftly tailored into harried style.


Unsure how successful literary endeavor

crafting reasonably rhyming poem;

actually the following

written a couple years ago

with only slight modification

regarding aforementioned topic

yielding moderately satisfactory

(née middling) result.


While deeply asleep
scant minutes before dawn's early light

burning sensation within deep

tracts of throat did creep,
yours truly immediately awoke
with a start, at strong violent
urge to upheap
(upchuck, toss my cookies, regurgitate...)

insync on par to set Guiness Book

of world records to leap

analogous to lemur


at lightspeed into bathroom,

(these lovely bones
ne'er made jaunt to water closet

but collapsed in a heap -
injuring right hand in the process)
nevertheless, I made little

on the contrary no bowed peep,
but immediately stood

bolt upright stock still
after crumbling to the floor
tear ducts activated eyes
as if ready to weep.


Sadness less pervasive than fright

since reverse peristalsis uncommon

within mine body electric regarding plight,

which analogous volcanic eruption

albeit bubbling magmatic flow slight

retroperistalsis or antiperistalsis

found yours truly
on par with fire breathing dragon argh
ga you ably momentarily nonplussed -

while dry cough minus gushing lava

gratefully only smoldered before simmering


upper gastrointestinal lining

courtesy mouthfuls of bottled water
allowed, enabled, and provided satiation
sudden unquenchable thirst relieved

resultant unpleasant aftertaste (no pun

intended), yet distilling humor helps

me weather, manage, cope... with

unexpected physiological fiery phenomena
- shot straight up within digest
heave tract, and did lament this rick
kitty packet of muscle and bone aft

times susceptible to disheartening
woebegone news afflicting this non
Norwegian bachelor farmer, whom
if the missus cooking triggered bout
unleashing bit torrent of unsavory
plate tectonics, perhaps indicative
of continental drift shrunk down to
miniature, (think nanobot size)
where fault in thee stars

must be held in contempt of court.


No reason for inclusion of above verse,
(previous ten lines), I just wanted

to incorporate said phrases, tip peer

me got some legal lear'n, when truth

Philly admits he seems to know less,
the more he learns, which prompts me to

posit emphatically that ignorance

equivalent to bliss, thus presenting

quandary how kin this pronouncedly
reasonably intelligent garden variety
Homo sapiens unfetter himself with

cumulative knowledge without reek
horse (neigh) to invasive surgery such as...
prefrontal lobotomy, or tamping down
smarts some unknown cyber surfer(s)
could easily misconstrue as vainness,
smugness, quintessential pomposity?


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