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What can I say?!

God’s directing my way:-

I must tell it like it is;

Telling the truth

Is the will that is His:-


Hey, let me tell you something;

Sometimes, we allow the power


To slip in and dim the light of 


And that is one hell of a thing


Now that the beginning rhyme

Has earned me some of your time;

Let me get to what’s on my mind.


In the life we live, there is good and evil;

Simply put, there is Jesus and there’s Satan.

God gave us Jesus and allowed Satan to be;

Thus, in the life we live, none of us are perfect.


Be this as it is, let us not doubt God’s love

And healing grace that is given to us for having

Succumbed to the cagey devil’s temptations

In his many demeaning trials and tribulations.


Did not Christ forgive Peter, pointing out its nature?

Despite Peter’s many perfidious weakening denials,

The power of love overpowered the power of hate—

Teaching not only forgiveness of others but of self too:-


Asking to be delivered from temptation and all evil,

Be not afraid to forgive yourself in thanksgiving grace;

That it will be God’s will and not yours that is done,

In the awareness of divine wisdom and guidance:-


Breast-plated with resurrected living hope and faith,

Return to the battlefield of God’s healing benevolence

As an instrument of his peace and a reflector of his love;

Forever living a life of labors of love to those in need of it:-


Finally, let me say this, let the 23rd Psalms

Be an ever-ringing echo in your mind’s heart

Reminding you of the Shepherd’s ever presence:

Seek, knock, and ask; and he will see, hear and give:-




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mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. Thanks. Peace and Love.

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