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Beauty misses protection


first love

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So her womb brought forth the beginning, all the fake friends had blurred into a Picasso

Looking peripherally at her

Not a single card

And she felt nothing other than ice wind wish comforted the sudden and welcomed warmth growing within her

She dressed in onesy and fought the North stares and hands of red, by walking 6 miles with child

Every day muscles forming in solar plexus so she knew with this reaching of leaves, breath into her lungs

That the push would come easy
He would fold from between her legs to scream into the heavens

Announcing his being of dance, light, song, rhythm and blackness of skin

Covered in womb blood dripping into Spring day to anoint flowers

He was he as she knew and named him ‘’Christopher’’
She whispers bending to kiss the bump bearer of Christ, walker or curiosity, Lord of walking paths

Loneliness was gone. Ridden into the night on the back of wild stallion

Her beauty became more and the man at the Light of India tried to brush his hand over her stomach to her sacred Whilst clothed

Recoiling she glares and tells him

There is nothing more precious than me right now

Remembering mother

Remembering head under bosom

Remembering nothing

Seeing knitted baby bonnet

And sweet sweet reproach

She is alone

She is single

She is raped

But he is real and she is real and the earth cracks in formation

Like the bottom of her weathered heal

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love_supreme says:

Loved this.

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TEEDUB815 says:

Nicely Written

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