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Mind Flows



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sometimes i think back to when i got broken, so many things changed, many words went unspoken. i try to keep my head up, to stop myself from crying. but to be honest, on the inside i’m dying. the flame of my heart slowly begins to fade. my mind is held captive to an enemy named rage. i get caught up and trapped, like i’m living in a cage. but who is the real enemy? is it myself? or the man that did this to me? my aggression is now passive and the hurt is so massive. it weighs me down like an anchor, dragging me into the depths of depression. it’s getting too hard for me to keep expressing. my true feelings won’t unfold, another story gone untold. this rhyme is seeming to get so old. i build myself up just to crumble down again. it’s like this nightmare that never seems to end. when will my new story begin ? a new chapter full of pure happiness and prosperity. God i really just need clarity. i close my eyes and see redemption and new beginnings. it starts to feel as if my world is spinning. round and around until i become dizzy. as my eyes start to open, reality finally hits me. the ending of a dream i dare wish to come true. will never happen and its all because of you

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mlowe5 says:

A deep rhythmic flow of where you now need to go. What you need to do, is get back to being that beautiful you that God created you to be; rather then wallowing in keloid memories of what he failed to see. ONE. Peace and Love.

Breadcrumbs2021 says:

Nice Poem, hang in there "This to shall Pass"

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