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just different

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no one really knows how i feel inside. i can’t even tell you where my attention lies. the insecurities i have stay in disguise. but i have nowhere to hide. i may boost myself at times but y’all don’t see the real. i look at myself in a mirror like what’s the deal everything seems so surreal i mean damn can you blame me. he took my innocence and made me feel so ashamed you see. i’m not like other girls i’ve been broken in many ways. my life is like a horror movie based on a true story let’s turn the page. i didn’t get to have a childhood because some sick man wanted pleasure. my innocence to him was like the golden treasure. so when he stole that from me i completely died inside. well i guess now you see where my insecurities lie 

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mrmelody7 says:

Reading your work find it very well expressed Your creativity is good medicine for yourself as well as those who know the feelins but dont know how to express them to other Keep at it your a good writer with things to say
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mlowe5 says:

Having learned the lesson of the self-error made, forgive self and get back to being secure with the true you that you were created to be. It's resurrection and ascension time for the you of you. Don't wallow in sorrow; be lifted up in awareness. The "opening up" flow of feelings in your several writes are profoundly canvased. ONE. Peace and Love.

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