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just different

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There’s a difference between a debt and a favor 
I’m saying please 
If love don’t cost a thing, 
Why am I paying fees?
I use to picture your smile 
Like saying cheese 
Now your eyes cut, 
I’m convinced it’s ok to bleed 
You say you don’t want to stay, 
Ok then leave 
Every conversation, your walls go up  
& I’m laying siege 

Imagine giving up...

When all we needed was a breakthrough 
You say you’re tired of fighting 
I need a break too 
You want a day to your self
Ok, I’ll take two 
Not coming back? 
Ok, with or without, Ill make make do.. 


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Yes, there is a difference between a debt and a favor; and neither is a part of true love. ONE. Peace and Love.

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