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just different

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She stopped looking for love, 
Cause what’s the use ?
When guys only value her body 
Not her opinion 
Sex, drugs, then it’s abuse 
Then more abuse 
Trauma bonding, to numb the pains 
Not knowing from where its stimming
Self esteem and mental health 
On life support  
There’s no such things as bad decision 
When you think life is short
Temporary pleasures 
Help to get her through the day
Cause nothing last forever
Even if I choose to stay … 
She will still isolate 
To avoid triggers 
When words hurt, 
You? can be destroyed with a whisper 
It’s hard to have a voice, 
When devoid of a listener  
One slip up
& it will make the void get bigger 

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mlowe5 says:

Profound. To be in love is one thing. Giving and receiving love is another. True love is never void. Love given is received and also given; it's heard and also echoed. Deepwrite. Thanks for the share, Apostle. ONE. Peace and Love.

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