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We Are The Twelve Tribes


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How can the synagogue or seed of satan, be the nation?
When the Blacks be the Jews(Judah), Levi be the Hatians
The West Indians, being Benjamin, also Simeon, were taken
From Negro land, Judea, now weve awakened

Ephraims the Puerto Rican & they’re fruitful
Manessah don’t be forgetful, your the Cubans if I’m truthful
Gad is a troop on North American soil
If we all come together we can ever be spoiled

From Central to South America, Napthali is present
Argentina to Chile, I heard the weather is pleasant

Zebulons a dwelling and Issacar he is hired
Mexicans also came from Ghana too, now that’s fire

Black is Beautiful, I’m in love with the cocoa  
Asher is happy, Afro indigenous to Togo

When you see it’s a son, you should also think Rueben
The House of Jacob shall never wax pale, Its been proven

Salvation is of the Jew, you don't want to miss out
God so loved the world, but Christ came FIRST for his house
The last shall be first, The least shall be the greatest
We were chosen from the world, it’s no wonder why they hate us


We Are The 12 Tribes


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mlowe5 says:

And we are of the ebon hue of Simon of Cyrene; who helped in shouldering the cross that Jesus carried. Another profound awareness write, Apostle. Peace and Love.

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