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Hurt little people



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Truth be told.... thinking about you ***ing another man used to hurt my soul. Just a sign I had to grow, gotta learn to let go. I did it slow! still thinking about whether I made the right decision or was I over reacting sacrificing my comfort, to gain long term satisfaction. I still remember back when... when I gave up everything to see you grin. I believe in equality now days. If I give it my all,  you give it back! That's fair trade. Not you do whatever and whenever you want, and I play maid. That's just the world you've made! One day you'll find out that the world you made... feels more like a grave.Then you'll wish you spent less of people's mind, money and time on your lime....lights camera action! You've played yourself! I don't blame you, but now no one will give you a dime! You should be fine, but independence day never came for you. Instead you got a Lyft to the mall. Partied hard! Bags on your arms, bags under your eyes. Now that everyone is tired of your selfish lies your kicked out at 35, bags on your arms and bags under your eyes. No one cares about your cries! So what lies beneath all that attitude?

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love_supreme says:

Very nice!
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Deep! Heart's eye-opening feedback. One, Peace and Love.

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