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Was it a hole or a ladder

And did it even matter 

I’ll bleach up the splatter

Send your love after

Just when I forget

Joy flees 

and sorrow stays

The come what mays

And underneath a new canvas

Spot free

Silly me…

I dip my brush in— and begin


Oh and out out

The damn spot— the stain

Drained the Shout— what a pain


Oil is thin

Water’s thinner

Time to cure— perfect for a sinner

Like me— a wretch like me

Glory be


I forgot

Then remembered what I could not

The forgotten and The folklore 

I need a satchel


Carry my weight 

Push up every now and then

Can ascend a ditch or a mountain 

Carry my stories wit me…

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Despite seeming sometimes down, it flows like a ladder being climbed upward. Nice write. One. Peace and Love, SurenLyricMuse. Thanks for the share.

Newpanther says:

a most awesome flow...

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