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Japanese Grand Prix



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I was watching the Japanese Grand Prix and I was wondering what it was like to be black. I thought it was a weird combination but that is one of the caveats to being black, its always having to think about it. 

I have asked white people how many times a day do they think about being white. They never thought about it, never even crossed their minds. And I thought to myself that that is one of the secrets to being great, its never having to wonder about the vessel you arrived in. 

And the truth being that all men are your brothers and all women your sisters, when you have reached that level is when you have achieved the ultimate essence of the human experience. Its an experience. 

Besides, what kind of person looks at the world and feel s that we would ultimately benefit from bills. From estimating the price of things and to play this game continously even at the expense of human suffering. 

What an interesting disease to have Capitalism. To live and die with it inside of you and everyone ultimately trying to be on top. 

Like I said, I was watching japanese grand prix.

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mlowe5 says:

Quite a though-provoking Grand Prix! ONE> Peace and Love.

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