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I Got The Blues Today



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I got the blues today
so glad someone sent them my way
there they was
sitting in a vase filled with water
on my night stand 
for me to see
when I started my day

went to bed last night
with nothing planned on today's agenda
no special tasks for me to do
and there they was on my night stand
various shades of blues
with a card to me
written by you

hot damn!
I got some drama to stick my toes in
spice up my dormant blood flow
I got the blues this morning
a purpose for the day
something to do
somewhere to go

and later
I can't wait to grab a paper and pen
to write down all these blues 
I see and feel all day long
might need some extra paper
should I make it a poem
or lyrics to a song?

now y'all know
I can't dance so much a lick 
and can't hold too much of a note
but I got this pad and pen and soft jazz in the air 
when all these blues I got fades away
will re-read and edit every word I wrote

and y'all say the blues is bad
avoid it everywhere you see it
and every chance you get
got mine sitting in a vase filled with water
on my night stand
paper towel underneath so it all don't get soaking wet

love me some damn blues
makes my pen up and do the holy dance 
smack dab in the middle of church aisle
confess my sins to the preacher man
to set my filthy soul free
them blues sho nuff make me smile

I got the blues today
in different color hues
smiling at me inside a water filled vase
gave me a purpose for this day
the blues
always puts a smile on my face

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Beautiful! I know where you're coming from. I'll never forget growing up listening to the likes of B.B. King, Howling Wolf, and Muddy Waters, playing all day every day, by my Uncles and Aunts who raised me and my three sisters, after our father's death back in 1944. Thanks for the share. Great Write! Just finished up with a class and now headed home to the Queen, some Red Stripe, and some Blues In The Night! ONE. Peace and Love.

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