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The Point Of Crossing Over



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the feeling of being crossed is a feeling of being double crossed who drew the line we can't cross the one that can get one crossed out fingers crossed eyes crossed toes crossed dare to cross do we not have the right away to cross the marked part of the road are we not allowed why aren't we not allowed to cross the bridge over distressful situation why do we drown in complicated circumstances if we only get one chance why do we blow it on the corner waiting for the bus to come we want freedom but we desire whips and chains is it not insane is "we shall overcome" not a self fulfilling prophecy worth manifesting when the bottom line is designed to trip and cross us up do we apologize to the prosection prosecuting us for as far as we know just being us for landing and existing on the planet for those who have ears let them hear what happened here rain sweat and tears salt the earth what happens if we decide to cross will we be cutoff if by chance we made it to the other side how do we find a way to convey "how we got over" the considering factor forsaken the X factor to worship a bloody cross we should be hugging trees weeping willows need consoling nature is hurting mother Earth is in labor shaking and trebling under pressure war in the sky bomb burst missiles fly see eclipse cover thy eye how must one decide it's a thin line where snow caps melt no such luck for the Titanic heading across the Atlantic when the bell rings stop @ the flashing light a trains coming either you waiting on it or you already on it look both ways listen carefully the cause of the condition is in plain sight easier to see without light to a trained eye feelings need air to breathe otherwise the feeling die inside macula perception fail to realize the lacrimal sacs no longer secrete crossed from being crossed caused by being forbade to ross some will disagree some might like "lay down the cross pickup thy life" did I dare cross the line 

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

Profound canvased awareness of the point of crossing over in the presence of the double-dare-double-dare you. Great write, Immortal Wize! ONE. Peace and Love

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