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The Work



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the work has been done 
how do we protect the 
work that's been done 
from the damage that's
being done to the work 
that's been done words
have been spoken signs
have followed truth is
alive some where time
tells on every thing 
then can only be 
explained now and now
we know where we 
stand no misstep no
mistake no mishap
intentional deliberate
purpsefully meant to be
we must be careful 
not to reject the 
stones put in place
to guide our steps
do not desecrate
time spent energy 
exertion of effort 
sculptures carvings
beat flow tempo rhyme 
song drawings poetry
written cause to be
design tapestry maps 
pointing to pointing 
out facts blowing 
out to sea grains of
sand caught in strong 
wind whisper keep up
the work and in the 
process protect the 
monument the artifact
of our true existance 
what did we do with 
the torch how did we
handle the rein did
we cherish the hand
me downs or treat em
like old filthy rags 
no question why we die
why do we live is one 
to ponder what can one 
do other than to 
contribute to the work
in progress reinvent
recreate remaster 
what has already been 
done by following 
steps already made 
"we are here to work"


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Indeed, "we are here to work." Let's be CONNERSTONERS! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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