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We will make it through this. Believe that.

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Ate The Crumbs



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I went through life and ate the crumbs. I saw the world for what it was and I adapted. I also made it adapt to me because I put my intentions in the Universe and the Universe reponded. I am glad that you are here. This must mean that you are a part of my leadership team. I have been looking forward to this day. 

That last sentence may have gotten by you but I was looking forward to this day. 

It was inevitable and I am glad that you are. So I sat down in front on my plate and no matter how appetizing the meal was, I ate it and left no crumbs. Its a weak mind that always savors the taste and not the privilege of having a meal. I went from third world to second world to first world and now I am here.

Oh, no hugs. 

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mlowe5 says:

Indeed, being blessed to have food nourish our body, we must leave no crumbs as we pray for the Holy Spirit to leave no crumbs in nourishing our spirit in onderful oneness in labors of love. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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