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A(ubrey), I



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was early to the party.... so I left— what a waste

Took the hate train home put the secrets in the safe 

Blood and bone but they called it water

Dear Heavenly Father,

You carried me…

Grew my nails when they buried me

Now all I need is a manicure

A poet without an auditor

Got over it for the overture


And again comes the train — Choo Choo

All a board on NuNu and the crew… 

I’d rather walk 

Step over the chalk

I balk at a Cold case 

Only give chase to crimes of passion and faux pas of fashion

"I can’t get no satisfaction"

“And that man comes on the radio telling me some useless information— supposed to fire up my imagination”

On some Mick Jagger

Guess I got back my swagger

From some other dagger

Can’t steal from me ni$$a 

Cause Ericka’ll sue 

And then start a business— I thought you knew



Time tells the actions and the heart’s of men

Calendar’s full but I penciled you in

And now I’m fashionably late

For the fresh hell— oh well, hope heaven can wait

Cuz I hate it here— shoulda had a V8

Or a Bloody Mary…

Run quick see— as the hours get scary 

"I ain't a killer but don't push me..."

"Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin pu$$y"


Picture paragraphs— I, JCole lament-n-repent

Swore off vengeance ‘n vagina—I’m celibate 

But still get horny for the snuff

Forgive me Lord— I’m still workin on stuff

And the lawyer in me longs for justice— for the silence of the lambs

And forensics for the blood on his hands


"Baby I just wanna love ya"— back in the day— listenin’ to Jay

Now I wish I never met him at all

That or left those tickets at will call

Til this day— He still singing off key 

Should’ve known who he was— who he’d be 

When he said who he envy:

Ye, Jay and the Talented Mr Ripley 

On some ***, marry, kill

Said you won’t but I know you will 

Buffalo Bill, he'd wear skins if he could

Now he Uma Thurman wear her SKIMS if she would 

Master manifester you are what you eat

I like my pu$$y n my whiskey neat

But I’ll leave the TMI to TMZ 

Talented Ripley… riddle me this

AI n you— what’s the big ***in’ difference


Can’t miss the Boat on an Opensea

Better secure my voice on a NFT 

Kelly Slater better watch his wave

The ghost of Pac better watch his grave

Hide ya wife— hide ya kid...

Yo grandmama better watch her wig

He’d steal Flo’s flow and her Progressive gig

But you can’t insure a soul after it’s sold

Midas would do anything to ensure the gold. 

He can’t help it though Flo...

He got no core sense of self

But if wealth is health— we both poor and Stage IV

And a party just aint a party anymore


Written the morning of May 3, 2024


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Newpanther says:

incredible flowetry...

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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A profound allegorical wordplay flow apropos of that "All the world is a stage..." crap and other miss-thoughts streamed by the Oppressor Syndrome. ONE, SirenLyricMuse. Peace and Love.

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