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Some like to serenade 

With hands behind their backs

As they slowly 

Pull the pin from the grenade

I observed the nuances in advance 

On the front line

With the rest of the brigrade

Only the strong survive 

In this renegade 

I’ve been betrayed once or twice 

Being vulnerable 

Is not a vice I advertise

My father’s daughter

I’m strapped and ready for war

On a mission to protect my own 

You can kill the flesh 

But you’ll never take my soul 

I’m dialed in

Moving with a puma’s pace

Every movement is controlled 

Used to walk the tight rope 

On the defense

Fighting like there’s two hands 

Around my throat 

Then it all changed 

What do you know 

Each day I had to meditate

Adjust the state of my position 

Clever bargaining with my intuition 

It took resilience to push resistance 

The hard exterior was difficult to break 

Used to live by the motto 

Revenge is mine to take 

Had to question what brought me

To the state of hate 

A few failed intermissions 

The inability to rationalize mistakes 

Havoc forced me to misbehave  

Waiting on the edge of destruction 

Until I had to stake a claim 

Then I realized having control

Doesn’t change your fate

It’s a damn shame

Years wasted in a rut

Until I rebuilt my temple 

From the ground up 

Positive inflections 

Poured from a half filled cup 

Inspired today 

By what once was


 Written By: 


Dez Sevena 

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mlowe5 says:

Reassessment leading to Lesson Mastery! ONE, IMAGINATION-733. PEACE AND LOVE.

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