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lightness in the dark
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I look back the past
still behind me it
still follows me 
as if I'm a fugitive
from justice I'm
innocent I cried a
testimony to my soul
who done it and why
we think we know 
we think we know why
do we know too much
do we not know enough
who are we to think 
we know who are we
to assume we know
why do we care do 
we really care or 
did we put on airs
acting like we 
know more than our
teacher weren't we 
supposed to be 
preparing for our
graduation day 
were we looking 
forward to walking
across the stage
did we not rehearse
a speech did we not
speak of being 
leaders in society 
one time before when 
we were lit like 
candles on a birth
day cake we wanted
to be in charge
were we not told 
to work hard did we
not do our best 
to break the curse
on T Jones purse 
though she left her
legacy to the one 
who preech instead 
of the ones she fed
her pain to we know
she didn't mean too
do wrong she was 
waiting for a love
to come along she 
didn't know how 
never would take
long meanwhile her
heart ache her chest
pain all in vain 


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Somehow, they forgot to tell us that in graduating from one set of trials and tribulations, was really entering into another more challenging set; those that would challenge us even more. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

UnderHisWings says:

Wow... I felt this in my gut. Well done, Wize.

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