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lightness in the dark
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holy matrimony
is a match made 
in heaven all
good tittles 
have been spoken 
for do I dare
settled for less or
one more desirable 
been there before
was a special 
a deranged 
engagement the
 diagnoses of 
 the muse is
bi polar manic
dehydrated need
to drink more
water no ones 
safe on the planet 
when in panic mode
this lunatic
got me frantic
in the kitchen
  looking for 
  the missing 
puzzle pieces of
pepperoni slices
to assemble a
picture puzzle
of a pizza pie 
to get a slice 
don't touch the
knife it poked
the wife woke 
the kids no 
worries tho its 
been wiped clean 
enough to cut 
clean through
 like a butcher's
 meat and bone 
 saw different
 from a wood saw
 less noise than
 a chainsaw no 
 one saw no one
 seen me on the 
 cutting edge 
 of a dream on
 or off subject
 to always be 
 onto something 

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mlowe5 says:

Praying that your series will ever continue its vibing flow! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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Newpanther says:

this.... is how poetry is done...

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