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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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In The Bag



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  trapped a fly deliberately

   between glass and a screen

  if I didn't it would bother me

  it crawled around helplessly

        looking for a opening

depressed about what's happening

   why would I change my mind

       why would I set it free

      watched it die peacefully

       took it out its misery 

    went back to writing poetry 


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A deep out-of-the-bag flow of a healing grace over misery. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Newpanther says:

totally spellbound....

Mingoao says:

Living and dying, is that easy, there's no mystery. You live you die, who's gonna miss the fly. . ? - Lesson learnt. Good Write, stay with it. -Peace

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