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Mr. Anonymous


first love

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Mr. Anonymous 

10/23/23- 11:02 pm 



Fire in your eyes piercing through my intelligent but oh so wonderous soul… so weak, 

The way I crave for your love…settles to deep to speak, 

Nothing but that grown man Loving 

On da real papa bear got me bugging 

Eyes so beautiful connecting to your mind heart body and soul  

Just one touch of your luv would make me feel whole 

I dream of you when I lay to rest at night 

Talking to you secretly begging for you to take this needed woman to a new height 

Every day I see you that fantasy sticks in my head 

This 6 foot 5 caramel brother OMG how I wish I could wed. 

The first day we met my soul fell in love 

Like each time you speak all I can see is white doves 

Smoother than a babies skin, smile shining like the sun in the spring  

If I designed the future you would definitely have a ring 

Your everything I ever prayed for in a man 

And my God don’t make mistakes so I hope you’ll understand. 

But until that time comes you’ll remain in my dreams 

Where the fantasy is real and I am blessed to be your queen!!! 


Diamond da poet 




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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A beautiful dream canvassed for its reality! Nice. One. Peace and Love.

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