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The Power and The Pain


just different

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Sirens wail
outside my windows

         f a d e . .

into the shadows
and the shade

             of sorrows left behind
tonight again somebody died

           Y o u n g  b l o o d  .  !

          on sidewalks cold
        a mother’s arms
        to comfort nor to hold

                     her child that dies
        and lies dead wanting for
        a mother’s touch
                            have fallen prey
           to the power and the pain

       and nothing hasn’t changed
       but the victim and the name

V o i c e s   o f   t h e   I n n o ce n t  ~

                                                 C R Y  .  !
        but tears don’t flow
         from eyes now dry
                     from crying

       a  father’s
       lost his only son

      a mother mourns
      her child now gone                             

      i n s i d e   s h e ’ s   d y i n g  .  !

        the streets
        just cost a life
        the child she’s lost
                        this night
                       the body of the slain
                       upon the concrete
                       where he lays
        stained in blood
        that still remains
        her anguish and her pain                

                                  B u l l e t s  .  !
        without an aim or name

       despair . .
       looking for an healthy vein
                               finds its mark
          that look for new recruits
          and prey on them
          like prostitutes in the dark

                                          They die
                          before their time
          and hope to find
          in honour or in shame
               the only claim to fame
          a tombstone with a name

                         c a r v e d
             The Power And The Pain


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TEEDUB815 says:

Some have escaped the streets but the streets is still within thee. The Truth Written

Mingoao says:

Thanks for the love bro. . -Much Peace

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