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just different

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Everyday . .
there’re new statistics                                           and shady polls

    4.6% unemployment
    four million lost jobs
    Dow Jones down 3%
        who gives a  s h i t  .  ?

        when all this is more or just
        unadulterated bumboclaat  .  .  !

    Regardless of Percentages  .  .

    the chances of you losing your job
    or sucking  d i c k  for a living

        has increased to one in ten
        so that makes it 10%
                     that’s just more
            d o d g y   f u c k e r y  .  !

            a number designed                                     to fog the truth

                      it’s always 100%
        when you loose your job  .  .

        it’s always 100%
        when your children cry  .  .

        the booboo on their butts
        needs medical attention
        but you don’t have healthcare
   yuh don’t have a job
   yuh can’t afford to pay fuh  s h i t  . !

                                it’s always 100%                  when the family's pet bunny
          ain’t no longer a pet

        b u t . .

        a potential food source

                                      it’s always 100%
when yuh can’t send yo kids to camp  because

                 a s s c u n t s .  . !
        Like Trump and Biden
        and the 535 fungal infections
                                         in congress
        made off with your loot

                doing time in penthouses
        in gentrified neighbourhoods                they invented

        while your house burns
        on the auction block
        one step away
        from living in your car
        at the municipal parking lot
                        or under a blue tarp
             on a sidewalk somewhere

        taking showers and crapping
        at the park down the street

I’m taking this personally
             cause it’s personal

        I’m one a dem thugs
        who wanna walk up Capitol Hill

                             right into Congress

                              pull my pants down
                              and tell dem

        f u c k i n   c o c k   s u c k e r s    

                        B i t c h e s   .   !

S T I M U L A T E    T H I S


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mlowe5 says:

Ras Claat! Great stimulating flow from Stimulus to Stimulate! 100% on point! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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