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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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The Zero Hour



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if I want a way out you're my only way out if I want a way in you're my only way in blood is thicker than water I want us to be thicker than thin you were there for all the challenges I had to face you helped me out in the struggle you got me out of trouble for that I owe you double you never ask me for nothing in return except with each lesson I learn the hardships weren't easy no matter how much I begged you activated the strength in me to endure to the end there's no end to suffering only brief moments of relief a bit of peace is more than a piece of sleep upon my bed I weep for a love who has gone to sleep I find I cannot rest in peace faith in me withering to a grain of salt is it enough flavor to savor can it last long enough to pick me up from where I have laid me down to weep how many times have I snatched the for sale sign off my soul told God I'm ready to go and God told me no how many times I been told I need to let go but a still small voice inside of me is telling me to hold on this Poem is my Psalm a bright lamp to be shown I been so low before I was on the floor couldn't sleep when my bed was concrete like dark chocolate is bitter sweet this life given to me makes me laugh cry wail and weep but in my favor it gives me a story that's hard to believe I've gone through the process but still I grieve the aftermath is the most difficult problem to be solved the test is administered after the storm has passed the strongest is not always the one who last the longest the swiftest isn't necessarily the fastest the one who pays full attention is guaranteed to receive the message entirely

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mlowe5 says:

Indeed! Continue to footprint pending steps for those who are to follow. After all, you're The Most Wise. And they will get the message. While still here, we must continue with the labor of love He has assigned to us! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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