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I Was There


just different

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Outstretched hands
                     I stand

                    as God
                   as man
    the dreamer
    the dream
    the nightmare
          the scream

    the believer
    the faith

    the passion
         the hate
        I’m standing  in the rain

                           and all I feel
        is the pain of raindrops
        falling on my face

I taste the drops
they’re drops of blood
        my heart and thoughts
            have turned to mud

       I pray . !
       tomorrow’s fate today
    I’m neither sinner
    nor a saint
            neither virtue
                  nor a stain

    and not my blinded eyes
    do seek to see the truth in me  .  ?

          nor my muted mouth
    to speak the words I feel  .  ?

My deafened ears refuse to hear
but still I listen to my fears

I gaze upon a face of many guise
that hides answers in the lies                

    I’m the confession
                        the sin
    the you
    I see within my tampered self

    v e i l e d
    my wretched soul
    consumes its flesh
        my fragile bones
                         b u r n  .  !
I suck on air that can be seen
yet still I breathe

                 a haze
                 a fog
                 a toxic smog
          o n   t h i s   I   f e e d
          is this poison
                  the cure  .  ?
         is it by instinct
        or by lure
        I   b r e a t h e  .  ?

I’m the survivor
the slain
     the euphoria
             the pain

           beyond the chaos
           there's no peace

                           S t i l l  .  .
           I’m asked to believe
                                in what . ?

             I   W a s   T h e r e   . !


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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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mlowe5 says:

Now it's time to believe in the self that you've been since the beginning when it was decided that you should now be here.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

it's time to believe in the self that you've been since the beginning when it was decided that you should now be here. Resurrected, now believe in being here engaged in the labor of love assigned you when you were there. Time to ascend towards assuring that Peace and Love. This write says it all. Thanks for the share. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Thanks poets. -Peace

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mlowe5 says:


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