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No One Left to Tell


just different

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Mirrored face ~
reflected gaze

             w i z e n e d   .  .

the sight:

t h e   a f t e r m a t h ’ s
               a f t e r m a t h

    desolate eyes stare
    their focus
      drip their orbital ooze
         to the ground below
t h e r e ' s   n o  g r a c e

        wrapped in theocracy

          power and its many

        dogma and theory                                                                                                          fanatics and politics

   second comings
   and prophecies
               unbridled greed
               evil seed
    products of our collective

    in a shell
    not adequate to the task
    of preventing such mischief
              exposed to
              the very weaponry
                                they say
        they would never use                                                                                                                                                                        

        bodies dissolved  .  .
        absorbed where they fall

             l i v e s

        jumping off
        impossible walls

          histories lost
          no one left to tell our story

              w e ’ r e   a l l   d e a d . !

              no one survives
              no one’s alive

      but for a solitary man
      who sits on a vacant stoop                                                                                                                                                                 
                     in the dismal grey
                       he whittles away

        never knowing
        that which he holds
                      in his hands
   is the dross of humanity
   the remnants of his soul

        the only it . .
        he thinks he controls
    but that too is a mirage
        the reality is  .  .

t h e r e ’ s   n o t h i n g   l e f t   .  !

               not even death
                has survived

           T h e   C a r n a g e

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

To the contrary, neither of us is dead! you've written, and I've read. we're still surviving the carnage! surviving, because our Ancestors live within us to echo so much to be yet said. PoetryVibe reminds us each day of the ones still left to tell ourstory's beginning, now, and where we must go on to. You just told us this, Mingoao! There are those of us who are waning on joyfully; knowing that those we've waiting for will be here. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Thanks for the read and feedback Baba., appreciate it. -Peace

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:


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