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Taking strides to progress

Learning from mistakes

Knowing when to cut ties and

When to invest 

Loyal to few 

Never bother with the rest

Hold my head high 

No living with regrets 

Firm in my beliefs 

Careful with every step

Lucifer loves to test 

I profess 

God’s greater

He interjects 

I witness the effects 

Life held on by threads 

I’m still blessed 

Plenty of cushion 

To tread 

Enemies intend 

To destabilize 

Jealous of my time 

With their 9-5 

This isn’t hate

I love my neighbor 

Blame it on

My third eye

I can see 

Without sight 

It’s my right 

To be honest 

I accepted the gift

They rather drown

In what’s toxic 

Petty gossip 

It’s tragic 

The way they fall 

In line 

I'll be ready 

While they lag behind 


Dez Sevena 


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The Immortal Wize says:

Another gem

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mlowe5 says:

Thus be divine purpose realized. One. Peace and Love.

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