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Damn them computer hackers...



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nothing but persistent

pesky sniveling, snot nosed
beastie boy buggers.

Data breach conundrum with Gmail rectified...
courtesy MacKeeper computer technicians
in tandem with the geek inside me,
who finally resolved elusive quandary
that befuddled and frustrated yours truly,
yet would probably be a no brainer
for generic kindergartner.

Orders of protestation barked back
from artificial intelligence machine
smartass Macbook Pro laptop,
informing stymied ordinary sleepy joe -
biden his time trying in vain
to contact Google representative.

Left to my own devices
plus praying to the god of technology Vishwakarma,
whereby a thunderbolt appeared out of the blue
struck me upside the head
jump/kick started problem solving creative juices.

Picture the general scenario
such that I could see

clearly within mind's eye
raw binary bits of personal information
snapped up for sinister purposes)
after familiarity with MacKeeper transpired,
and kudos to the brain children
(before parturition little Einsteins trained in utero
while he/she they/them
listened to Mozart), who birthed

said utility computer program
to maintain ideal free and clear
functionality, operationality,
and uni-directionality
of sophisticated electronic machine
to detect, quarantine
or purge malicious software
when necessary if the life
of the expectant mother
or other type of end user at risk.

After bundle of joy exits cervix, he/she they/them
burbles fluent binary, octal, hexadecimal, et cetera
before nursing courtesy re milk of human kindness
suckling buzzfeeds babe essential nutrients to fend
off nasty and brutish microscopic manifold germs
empowering immune system of newborn with vital
defenses against deleterious organisms analogous to
top notch military trained to stop enemy in their trax.

Similar to taking preventive measures such as getting
inoculated or taking antibiotics if body affected by an
insidious illness causing pathogen, a legion of danger
exists (rather flows) within the webbed wide world of
a stand alone computing machine or a linkedin network
system analogous to vulnerable damage causing living
entity, (whether animal or plant) wreaking havoc within
cellular level, which worse case scenario spells demise
of corporeal entity or in the case of flora, flowers nipped
in the bud before they get a chance to blossom, which
irksome blight, a pitiful sight for sore eyes or lamentation

(more likely anger or rage against the machine) currently
infected with deliberately delivered malware intended to
sabotage important data as happened to many unsuspecting
netizens (including yours truly), whose divine intervention
courtesy MacKeeper application provided ways and means
to remedy implacable stealth perpetrated, especially black
hat, gray hat, green hat or elite hackers to mention a small

number of cyber marauders hell bent causing woebegone

agitation, brutalization, cannibalization, desperation,

eradication, infiltration, ruination of blood, sweat and tears
regarding creation of supposedly airtight

vacuum packed system.

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mlowe5 says:

I hear you! Had to do a lot of NI actions to blocking 403 to get to this excellent NI read. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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