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I Know I'm Going to Hell


just different

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I know
I’m going to hell
                   cause  .  .
    I've never been right  .  !
        I've never been
        on the right side
    of what the established rules
    of law and belief is
              religious idiocrity

              legislative mediocrity
               evangelistic jihadism
my pecker bigger
than your pecker
    on the way to war
    is all the same ism
                      dressed up
     in ideology and god
    and all the other
    isms and schisms
        ocracy and osophy
       dogma and  d o g s h i t
       and all the other its is

    and what the definition of is
                                                    IS  .  !
and all
the enlightened  a s s h o l e s
          would have you believe
                                                  is  .  !

        I know I’m going to hell

        cause I dare to challenge
                   established  truths
                         as  b u l l s h i t

    and the only cure
    for all that is  .   !    

    a bullet between the eyes
     of conventional thinking
    cause someone or something
    stole your damn brain

    you’re in a state
    that allows you
        not to think for yourself
        being led by the ring
        in your nose
        tethered by rope
        to hope and delusional tribalism
        o h   c r a p  .   !

there goes another ism
                    to believe in
            or follow blindly
        and you’re thinking
        this is so profound

        y e t  .  !
        not recognising
        how perversely dodgy
         and wickedly devious
                                    it all is
the powerful minority
shouts louder
        than the silent majority
        who allows such things
        without even a murmur
                         of disapproval
    I know I’m going to hell

cause I dare to speak
of such things
        and the priest or preacher
                            rabbi or pastor
                     or Buddhist priest

                s a y  .  !
                I’m gonna burn
                for my misdeeds
                 and false beliefs
        But that’s not why
        I’m going to hell
        I’m going to hell
               because not
               of my belief
        but because I dare
        to say such things
        in contradiction
    of established
    and sanctioned truths

           In other words  .  .
      because they say it
      to be so  .  !


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

HOT! What a hell of a write heating it all up on this late Sunday night. One hell of a message with a hell of a flow from beginning to end. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Thanks Baba - Appreciate you. -Bless Up

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