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28 Tears

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When we were kids we use to play all the time
I knew you did not like me because I was not blind

Too bad our grandparents had their picks
I was chosen I was it

You waited 28 years to betray me
Stab me in my back and slay me

Reunited after 28 years
In one room filled with emotional tears
Lowering my guards letting go of my fears

Knowing you always despised me
It did not surprise me
When you took turns stoning me

My blood, my kin, my family

Throwing rocks and hiding your hands
28 years you had this planned?

I knew your mothers hated me
My dad’s sisters
My aunties

You going to have to hit harder to drop me
It will take more than you few to stop me

My skin is tough and its thick
You must thrust when you stick

Hope you see me in your dreams
Sitting on the porch eating ice cream

While you stand in the hot sun with none

I came with a native how
I came as a friend not an enemy

You crossed me now it’s time to
Tare you down with my pen
Now it’s time to meet my evil twin

My blood, my family, my kin

To know that my family would kill me
Does not thrill me

This reunion marks our first and last
Next time around I might whoop some body’s ass

Crack statching shyt out of grandma’s house
I didn’t want those tables or that dayum couch

Tell me were you crying because she was gone
Or because all she left your black asses was the shyt in her home?

All she left me was alone
Even a dog needs a bone

I hope you hear me spit this one day know that
The day is near when your black asses gone pay

Just like you f_cked me and did not lubricate
You gone feel this too you just wait


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