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A Poet's World(Where I Belong)

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temporal pursuits, my enclosed booth

when in anxiety

my place to escape from society

I ventilate and dictate

where i feel i have a degree, I can roam free

its where i generate

my decree

in a world of compositon

a poetic physician

a doctor in my rythmic opera

my happy hour, a poet's power

my kingdom my freedom

my own trend, my setted tone

where i control the zone

I'm here, I belong, I'm premiere

my stage, my rights, my wrong

my rage

I fight, my mind, my cage

my universe and earth

I surge, my elevation of words,

into my isolation I merge,

striving for superb

alleviation stress, concentration at best

my literature and venture

my mind continually at test

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Wize Dom says:

A poets decree, Bravo!

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chispoken says:

Great vocab here. This is a perfect description of a poet's mind who is dedicated to their craft

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