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A Unforgettable Tone

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 Stop. Listen! Do you hear that? That Unforgettable Tone; that tone that you can’t just listen too. You have to feel it deep inside. it’s a Sound of a mixture of graceful musicians collaborating together to generate a soulful melody. The sound of Drums being mixed together with the sexy pitch of a Saxophone that compliments a Spanish Guitar that enhances the sound of a Trumpet to allow it to echo the room while a Bass plays a steady sound that makes your heart beat at the at the same rhythmic tone while a constant calm Piano is being heard in the background bringing every instrument together to finish this joyful tune; that is causing your body to get a feeling inside that get you up and makes your feet do a movement that expresses your inner being; Allowing you to be in your own World that sets off a part of you Brain which brings your mind, body, soul, and Spirit together to let you focus on the Music. As the mix of smooth instruments is being put together, you sit and imagine words being Harmonized by a elegant voice. A soulful Voice like Etta James, Otis Redding, or Al Green. Maybe someone Modern like Robin Thicke, Musiq Soulchild, or Lauryn Hill. Once the Melody of Spiritual Voices are intertwined together with the graceful sounds of the instruments that creates a wonderful tune. That embraces you to have a Fiery, Emotional feeling that overwhelms you and takes over until you can only hear a Unforgettable Tone

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Wize Dom says:

This is a very jazzy poem, enjoyed reading it, welcome to the vibe Keep on Flowin

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