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A Maniac's Queen

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A lost mind at first turn into a maniac mind, is a mind lost in tornado of lost emotions. Such as hatred , depression, misery, and grief. Lost, seems to be an eternity that the mind has beg the body heart and soul to find a solution to this phenomenal whirlwind of Pain that entraps this mind in a maniac mind state. No response is heard for an immense amount of generations. The Heart, broken , torn, fading; sits and drowns in its own sorrow. The Body, destroyed, worn, and sore; lays restless and weak. The Soul, lost wandering, and turning; running free in a corrupted world. All of the counter parts to the mind struggle as well and begs just as the mind does. All hope and faith is lost, never thought to be found. Suddenly the Heart begins to boil, slowly breaking it free from its frozen cell, caused by its tears being chilled from the Autumn nights. The heart is touched by the words of a Nubian Goddess. Rumors of her name spread among the others. Faith is regain through out them, for Imani is the Queen that causes rejoice within thetheAbruptly the tornado that torments and conquers them comes to a halt. It seems that the Celestial Queen has entrap this whirlwind of lost pain. Leaving to be slowly tamed by the Maniac mind. The heart entranced in the Queen, falls in an exstacy of Love. Slowly puts itself back together, restoring color, and healing thru the guidance of her affection. The Body, intuned with the physique of the statequese Queen, heals and learns to rest and relax. The Soul saved by the Spiritual Queens word's finds a path back leading to a Unrestricted realm. It's amazing how the soft touch of A Nubian Queen can tame the Beastly Maniac Mind. Turning an irrecoverable Manic into a king fit for His Nubian Queen.

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2b2b2 says:

Intricate type Write...I like...indeed a good woman is like music...she can soothe the beast in man....thanks for sharing...One

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