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Left in the corner for the wall to hold

Lack of sunlight and water so from the shadows I mold

Lurking from my cracking disappearing stupper I crawl, wobble, then flip

Feeling something like a LSD, caffeine, skittle trip

Tripped in front of a fan

Blown away into the trashcan 

Struggling my body transforms to balance out my permanent visit 

My body starts going through changes to balance out this new metamorphosis

I grew wings so I don't know what's instore

A sudden twitch causes my wings to flutter and fall as I hit the floor

Inquisitive and intrigued expressions grow across my face as I reach to look beyond the door

Nothing but pessimistic , various paths of wild hibiscus with self-moving thorns and optomistic snakes too

Sorry for the morose view

But it's survival of the fittest so what path should I choose

Better get moving quick because if you snooze you lose

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