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I've only changed in dimension


No, just exploring my visions

My mind is broader then the "Jasmyne is close-minded" that you try to build as fact

Yea I failed math but it doesn't mean my mind isn't analytically abstract

I can count through the lines of the times you didn't accept me for me


That's the ratio of what you think is best to you judging me

Why do you treat me so differently then your kids

When you're the only father figure, to me, there is

It's a sad fact that we can't get along

Considering that you've watched me grow since I was young

Can't entirely blame it on the military 'cause it's our fault that our "father-daughter" relationship can't be fixed

I guess this is the way it is, oil and water just can't be mixed

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ferdinandmagellan says:

I like!!! Read a couple of other poems and It seems like we all having issues with our fathers! Damn! :)

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2b2b2 says:

Tight Write...thanks for sharing....ONE

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