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A Love That Was

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I thought it was you my heart could handle damaged goods for which you lead me as an example figured it was my words that caught you slippin fallin for a girl you never knew you was missin.i imagined your love being above all other women fitting tight like a glove my arms was where you would always fit in school wasnt a thing once i started ditching admit you had me caught up in your game so i never was on my face everytime i seen you cause my heart would race everytime i dreamed you imagination was phase until i felt you give in to my chase thats when your plans fell through had a wall up never led me aastray put your guard up to keep em away i really fell couldnt catch myself arguements like fights placed you above no one else 2 years of my life and i could imagine all i felt you loss a good thing what a sad story to tell you thought it wouldnt phase you but i quiccly amazed you my love put aside so that flames never grew been hurt a few tim es so i knew it was never hard to choose couldnt keep you in my life ao away you flew

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