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I guess its official no need to cry tears cuz I'm done with you,thought it wudnt be easy Chunkin up these two middle finger to yo world as I do what I please to no taking back these words I hope you read through thought I was being a friend when I was by yo side simple thoughts seem to always cater to a simple mind words aren't always complicated for me to find but what did hurt the most was how fast you just pushed me to the side always been there in the background holding u up when easily I could of never gave a f$&@'s all cuz I was looking out for you damn jus my lucc let it all go cuz of some things I spoke speaking from the heart cuz that's all I know I ain't even mad guess sometimes you gotta grow experience is a b$&@? And you reap what you sow don't come running bacc to me when things are unraveling and they unfold cuz I won't be there anymore,I have the most respect for u but I won't be used if you get offended by my words it's probably cuz what I'm sayin is true wish u the best of lucc in Yo life I don't wanna be rude but if u ask what it all means i got an explanation for you

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