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A Response To Your Transparent Thoughts

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I won’t shield my eyes, I’ll allow you the freedom to look within; it’ll be a joy to hear you share, where your soul’s been

I’ll enjoy the journey, as I attentively follow your hand; through the substance of your flow, until you I come to understand

I shall seek the enlightenment and edification of your words, as you paint a picture of the people, you’ve seen and heard

To this literary song, I’ll very carefully listen to each note; so I may recognize those, that to yourself, you did devote

As you tell the stories and the plots before me begin to unfold; each invisible soul will be manifested, as their story’s told

You're a faithful and honest witness, for those who can’t speak; bringing comfort to the hurting and strength to the weak

I’ll step into you shadow, to mimic your every thought; I’ll repeat the joyful celebrations, from the battles you've fought

I will host your meditations with the greatest hospitality; and I will follow the echoes of your, pen until I reach the victory

At your request I’ll stand before you, gazing into your eyes; to rejuvenate you and also replenish, anything good that died

The aptitude isn’t in question, nor is the spirit within; it’s just so satisfying, to rest in your heart, since you’ve let me in



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2b2b2 says:

Amazing Flow and Beautiful Content.....Bravo

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Jordanta says:

Thank you

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