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A Piece of My Mind

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No copyright infringements or plagiarism necessary

I’m here to share a wealth of knowledge… some that may sound scary

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, some would arbitrarily say

If my sharing helps someone, then…. I don’t mind, giving it away

My bible says to give and it shall be given to you, in good measure

Pressed down, shaken together and running over, such an endless treasure

Every time I share one poem, God replenishes me with two

So really what’s the big deal….if someone borrows a few

If you should take this liberty, you’ve now become my apprentice

God does not condone usury, but I’m sure, he’ll repay me with interest

It may seem inconceivable that my poems continue to mount

Let’s see….500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000….I’m sorry….. I just my lost count

A part of me resides in every word, syllable and letter

And if you’re feeling bad in any way…… maybe my words can help you feel better

I try to write plain and simple, to never be misunderstood

I always write with feeling and I’m feeling… oh so good

God gave me this gift, perhaps….a few lives, I can help to save

And if I don’t share it with the world, I risk taking it to the grave

There’s an old adage that say’s…..imitation is flattery, of the greatest kind

If you want to use my words just ask…. I’ll give you a piece of my mind

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scash102 says:

That's work, i love this one

2b2b2 says:


Charles2 says:

bold, original. dynamic

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