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...i love you

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I love you and there's no more to that; like the attraction of south and north on a magnet.

I'm hooked on you and the baits out of my lip; I hate the feeling that I let you slip.

More than a cut on my heart you left a scar; you across the room yet you so far.

Against my eyes iris; you on me like the shindlers list.

With you I wana talk the talk, hoping we get away from the crowd and walk the walk.

Talking about past feelings; in a casino with new deck dealing.

I want us to start something you; I promise all the things I hadn't gaven you.

You across the room; I'm in the other with my s sippin on some booze.

I'm intoxicated on you as you all that's in my head; You my daily meal as a pet that's being fed.

I can't explain the feeling as I can't get over you.

Girl, you precious to me...I love you.

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