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A Sinner's Creed

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let me go back to the day

when everything was good, life was filled w. love and play

days that seem to be long gone

no warmth in the heart, what the f**k went wrong?

now mama never told me this world would be easy

troubling times would come and please believe me

im far from naïve, just questioning my judgement

days filled with lost hope

forgotten words that my father once spoke

spit those rhymes, snort those lines

all for that one high, is that a crime

to ant what you cant have

and always going down the wrong path

cause that light shined too d*mn hard

the devil on your shoulder said go to that forbidden part

then God kept saying, "my child, my child..."

you neglected and kept on toward that sh*tt pile

but you still don't wanna be left out

once those golden gates close, awaits eternity filled with doubts

I know it very well

that person above is me, cant you tell

with all my pride, here ik stand

full of shame and blood on my hands

pen hitting paper, Lord fnd me later

and hang up my sins on your perfect hanger

open your arms then just let me stay

never let me walk alone and don't let me stay this way

my journey has had some storms

no forecast, I surely wasn't warned

in the beginning

you made this day

fpr when I would finally just stop to pray

so please hear my need

and accept me

a sinners creed.


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Wize Dom says:

Yeah I'm feeling this awesome flow.

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mrmelody7 says:

Creative soul search nice one

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