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A Love-Hate Relationship's Finest Hour.....No!....Yes?

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I can’t stand her, I have said

She is through with me, she promises

We are crossed at each other

As inexplicably as our paths cross again

Winded from blowing hard during the storm

Quieted now, but passion still rages on strong?

I must not submit, there will be no slip in or up!

Ah shyt, there she go, now she bumps into me, brushing,

Sucking her teeth, rolling eyes to incite us fully

Who is the aggressor in this war of measure?

Mettle is tested, but neither confesses reason

For that would be treason, to a desired reaction

No I don’t want your love!

But yes I need your sexing?

Connected to each other in hurried and furious strokes

Met with anguished shouts of primal pleasure invoked

Smoking bodies, writhing in slick sweat , we are kept

Petting the warmth of the fire, from the lust we smoked

High on satisfaction, embracing the forgotten bygone attraction

As peace reigns in both valleys, from earth-shaking lusting?

Meshing completely molding and bending thru anger subsiding

To come together in love episode’s finest hour……..escaping!

Morning promises wonder and ways to start to recapture friction

To repeat the release from NO! YES? SEXING returning……

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Poteic Justice says:


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Wize Dom says:

Groovy stuff! love it

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mrmelody7 says:

U a real Don Juan, Cyrano, keep stroking pen wise and other wise

2b2b2 says:

Thanks all for checking me....ONE

SkTzO says:

This was dope!

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2b2b2 says:

Thanks SkTzo.....ONE

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