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A Dream

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My heart sings a sad song

day by day as I gp along

I love you but don't think you feel the same

sometimes I feel like a pawn in your game


somtimes I dream of this magnificant life

and how we are together as man and wife

 then I wake up and realize the dream

and realize that life is nothing as that seemed


I want to be happy and live like my dreams

I want a my man and wife dream to be reality

somtimes I sit and ask myself why...

Why does he hurt me and make me cry?


I sit and I wonder how I'd be without

but my mind does not want to go down that route

I can not go on feeling this way

I can not continure on another day


today is the day something must change

or I will be forced to find another way

a way with out you with only one instead of two

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