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5 years gone!

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A long time ago walking down the street

on a hot summer day tank top capris and sandles on my feet

I looked at you and watched  carefully

as I watched i started to think look at that guy caramel skin, so fine

i want him now i want him to be mine

and as the thoughs ran through my head

i kept walking, you yelled and said

for me to come over to talk to you

nervous and happy i walked to you

and as i got closer my tummy bubbled

my paces got quicker and me feet fumbled

from that point there i had to know

the secrets you hide which way to go

should i give him my number does he want me

he looks like a player but i could not foresee

so i took chances i didnt know this would happen to me

five years later and look what i have me by myself without you around

me with my strong wills could never back down

i love you so much this you could not ever know

you helped me so much you helped me to grow

for this i thank you and to show my appeciation

ill know longer bother you with all this frustration


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