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"Love First and Love Lasts"

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"The gallows and the sea refuse nothing"

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Beginnings are experienced in demise

Crying, crawling, feeding the needing

Growing timely in expanses in passing

Expectancy of horizons unending reality

Surpassing creative egotistical planning

Outlasting choices and voices demanding

Floating on winds of fulfillment incoming

Youth is characterized by wisdom missteps

Ingenuity engineering false confidence

Invoking chains of reactions in becoming

Comely in romancing a yin or yang notions

Framing my mind in completing two in one

Star gazing and lunar eclipsing in efforts

Descending down a line in climbing upward

Middle passages in recognition of balance

Teetering on the brink of peace’s precipice

Tethering my future to ancestors who past

Procreating throes of death into seeds

Transmitting passions and pains 2b claimed

Bygones of reflection in recline

Eyes facing the last dance and sunrise

Timed inexplicably in life’s execution

Duly departing to an afterlife’s beginning

Impossible to deny or avoid travelling,

On the seas of perpetual redemption!

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Charles2 says:

dynamic dimensions and complex word interplay

poems by this commentor


2b2b2 says:

Thanks Much Sir.....ONE

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