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"Lost 4 Words"

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 With every conversation, it marks a new craving, to hold you as my heart starts racing. Im pacing the floor, needing you more and more, desire arise as you walk through the door; anticipaton is waiting, why dont you let me in..... the best of both worlds, when you can make love without sin........because it never was lust,  just pain through my veins, like a hit of a drug, keeps us wet like rain. And our kiss is so sudden, unplanned, unscripted, and your viewing my body, as its already naked! just take it, im it all to the floor, push me up against the wall, say how you need me much more. Take my mind as you please, and do as you see fit, i can go all night, I'll get you high without a hit..... i can lay and be good, but if you perfer bad, i'll get up on top, and be the best you've never had........ dont my words blow your mind, like a nursery rhyme, wrap my hair in your hands, as you put a dip in my spine. Sex is just sex, but love in the making, can put you in awe, and in climax leave you shaking....... like when your body locks up, and your eyes roll back, and you say once more, you want more of that. When you tell me that your sprung, and your hooked no doubt, getting the best of your mate, is what its all about! -Lady                        

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xclusive says:

still dont know what the lost 4 words are lol but this is a great write.

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